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Virtual Medical Receptionists

May 26, 2013

The proven fact your medical office secretary has her hands full with patients checking in and out means your firm is doing well. To help you to get that 20% while keeping your current customers completely satisfied with your receptionist’s customer service, you’ll need a virtual receptionist.

Better Customer Relations

Your virtual secretary can care for folks that are on the phone, while your staff is active accommodating the patients coming in and out. In this manner, your staff can better concentrate in the wellbeing of your own existent patients thus making the experience more enjoyable for them. Pertinent paperwork could be filed faster and patient or doctor requests will probably be responded to in a timely manner.

In the flip side, new patients could be tirelessly called by your automated system to take calls requesting for appointments and remind them of their appointments.

Better Security

Human receptionists sometimes become lenient with rules especially should they understand the person requesting access to patient info. But with a secretary, rules are rules. Whatever permission settings you have previously set will probably be the exact ones that’ll be implemented.

Additionally, simply the time and date of the appointments will probably be viewed online. Your patient’s private information will probably be held in a central database and they’ll only be emailed a copy together with directions for their next appointment.

Better Precision in Appointment Setting

Human error is recognized particularly in regards to appointment setting.

Once it have been already booked by a patient for a slot is automatically closed by it Such possibility is removed by a virtual secretary.

Further, a man who books an appointment during the scheduler won’t be permitted to allow more than two slots. Consequently, there is little room for abuse.

Better Comprehension of Patients Needs

Patients are different when it comes to language, requirements and preferences. A human receptionist may find it challenging to satisfy all patients’ requirements but a 24/7 backup receptionist can. Patients won’t be restricted to the conventional office hours, since it works 7 days weekly and 24 hours a day.

A virtual secretary is a substantial part of office automation. So ensure that you decide the appropriate

A virtual secretary is simply an automatic answering machine which can independently manage calls coming to your business office. As virtual secretary systems are now becoming popular among moderate and small business firms, an effective option to expensive assumption based phone systems.

Most virtual secretary systems are capable of handling multiple extensions and may be programmed to supply directions for callers, conditioned upon the time of contact. The virtual secretary systems are affordable and also simple to configure, with minimal overhead fees and future care costs involved. Thus the virtual receptionist systems, apart from providing 24×7 customer care service may also help enhance the professionalism of your corporate business firm.

Gain from Value-added Features

The principal benefits of having a virtual secretary is that you have not utilize a dedicated telephone operator.

All callers to your own office telephone will shortly be greeted with prerecorded welcome messages and other interactive menus. Most virtual receptionist systems have options for playing and record messages like corporate advice, services and product details to callers. The system which can have its own toll free number also provides callers with alternatives for example group dialing, dial by – dial-by and name – extension facilities.

With the support of functions like the dial by-extension attribute, your customers are readily linked to the correct sections inside your office. The device will be automatically changed to voicemail system if no person can be found in a particular section of your office or if the call is coming during non-business hours. The system can also redirect the call to your employees’ private or residential phone systems. So your employees never have to miss the calls of your own valued customers. Thus management of the business from far off locations is also possible with these systems.


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